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Holiday Destination: Castelo de Guimaraes

It's Located in Guimaraes city of Portugal.

Castelo de Guimaraes was ordered to be built by Dona Mumadona Dias in the 10th century in order to defend its monastery from Muslim and Norman attacks. Castle of Guimaraes have also witnessed the birth of the first king of Portugal, D. Afonso Henriques. The fortress, then over a century old, needed urgent renovation. The nobleman chose to destroy what remained from Mumadona's construction, while extending the area of the castle and adding two entrances. This defensive structure was intended to collect the population in case of attack and defense of the monastery that Mumadona also had built there. In 1836, a member of the Sociedade Patriotica Vimaranense defended the demolition of the castle, and suggested the use of its stones to pave the streets of Guimaraes, as the fortress had been used as a political prison during the reign of King Miguel. However, this was never accepted. 45 years later, on 19 March 1881, the Diario do Governo listed the Guimaraes Castle as the most unusual historic monument of the whole region of Minho. In 1910, the castle was declared a national monument. In 1937, the General Service for National Buildings and Monuments started its great restoration, which concluded with the inauguration of the castle's present symbolic status on 4 June 1940.

Climate of Guimaraes City

Summer 20 °C (68 °F), Winter (-1) °C (30 °F)

Tourist Season

Summer season is best visiting in Guimaraes.

General Information Of Guimaraes City

  • Land Area: 9.1 sq mi (23.5 km2)
  • Population: 52 Thousand.
  • Capital City: Braga.
  • Language: English and Portuguese.


Bus Terminal in or Near by

Bus Station

Rua da Liberdade 42
Guimaraes, Portugal

Airports in or Near by

Francisco de Sá Carneiro Airport: For international and domestic flights.

Railway Stations

Guimaraes Railway Station

Avenida Dom Joao IV
Guimaraes, Portugal

Covas Railway Station

Rua Antonio da Costa Guimaraes
Guimaraes, Portugal

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