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Holiday Destination: Dingle

Dingle is a town in County Kerry, Ireland. The Atlantic sea washes against the rugged landscape of the Dingle Peninsula and the constant weather changing climate present the visitor with unexpected, stunning photographic excitement. The sightseeing visitor will be amazed at such an abundance of natural beauty. There are weekly Summer Concerts in St. James Church and the Dingle Beehive Theater Company provide the entertainment. Of course not forgetting our famous Pubs Gigs, local musicians playing Traditional music for the "thirsty" and fun loving kind. Once cited as 'the most beautiful place on earth' by the National Geographic, recently recommended it as a very favorable winter destination, it is listed as one of the top 10 places to be on New Year's Eve all of these accolades refer to County Kerry's stunningly beautiful Dingle Peninsula.


Summer 18 °C (64 °F), Winter 4 °C (39 °F)

Tourist Season

Summer is the best for visiting Dingle.


Hotels and Apartments.

General Information Of Dingle

  • Land Area: 12.9 sq mi (45.6 km2)
  • Population: 1 Thousand.
  • Capital City: Kerry.
  • Language: Irish and English.

Tourist Attraction in or Near by Dingle

Great Blasket Island

Great Blasket is the principal island of the Blaskets, County Kerry, Ireland. The island lies approximately 2 km from the mainland at Dunmore Head, and extends 6 km to the southwest, rising to 292 metres at its highest point. The nearest mainland town is Dunquin, a ferry to the island operates from a nearby pier during summer months. Despite its close proximity to the mainland, visitors to the Dingle coast can often not see the island through the notorious sea mist. The homes of Tomás Ó Criomhthain and Muiris Ó Súilleabháin are now in ruins but the house in which Sayers once lived has been restored, and used to form part of the hostel which previously functioned on the island.

Gallarus Oratory

The Gallarus Oratory is believed to be an early Christian church located on the Dingle Peninsula, County Kerry, Ireland. The oratory overlooks the harbour at Ard na Caithne on the Dingle Peninsula. The stones are cut on every side and end so as to fit perfectly together. They exhibit smoothly finished outside facings that follow the slant of the wall. The edifice is usually thought to have been built without mortar, but there is evidence that even if mortar was never visible in the wall facings it was used as a structural medium for the interior of the wall at least. A thin layer of lime mortar is used to bond the stones together and to fill in small hollows in the inner faces.

Dingle Horse Riding

Welcome to Dingle Horse Riding. Set on the dramatic and beautiful west coast of Ireland, we specialise in two hour to week long riding holidays for experienced riders, taking in all the beauty and exhiliration of the mountains and beaches the Dingle Peninsula has to offer. We also offer one hour mountain rides for novice beginner riders. One of the most memorable ways to see the Dingle Peninsula is from the top of a horse, and Dingle Horse Riding provides the best opportunity and variety for those wanting a memorable trekking experience.

Fungie the Dolphin

The now world famous dolphin has remained in Dingle since, and has become both a friend to the locals and a great 'attraction' for visitors. Christened 'Fungie' by the local fishermen, the male dolphin lives and plays within a small area at the mouth of Dingle Harbour, overlooked by the lighthouse. A small cave under the cliffs at Burnham is thought to be his home, and from dawn till late night, Fungie is always around to welcome boats, trawlers and yachts to the Town. He is a curious and friendly animal, and has been photographed bringing gifts to divers of still living fish, clasped gently within his jaws. But to show his freedom, Fungie never accepts gifts from divers, or fish thrown from returning trawlers.

Dingle Brewery Company

Dingle Brewery, see how our beer is made and meet our brewer. See for yourself how beer is made walk through our historical tribute to the Creamery and end your tour with a free sample of our premium lager in the traditional surroundings of our old cottage or outside by the crystal clear river. Opening Hours vary depending on the time of the year but is open 7 days a week during the summer months. The brewery is based in the old Dingle Creamery building. Opened in 1888, it was a vital commercial centre for the area, especially after 1916 and the following troubled years which had left the economy, especially agriculture, in a perilous state. The owners of Dingle Brewing Co., have been mindful of the place that this building has in the history of the area and have lovingly restored it, retaining its charm and character.

Dingle Tourist Office

Dingle Tourist Information Office offers the visitor details on booking accommodation, places to eat, routes to take, maps, guides and books, places to visit, things to do and information on national and local events. Dingle has several interesting streets that are lined with colourful houses and is awash with pubs, cafés and shops. This is a very arty town and there are also lots of galleries and handicrafts stores. The Dingle Tourist Office on Main Street offers useful tourist information and is open from spring to autumn, being a good place to visit when you first arrive in town.

Eask Tower

The Eask Tower is a solid stone tower on the top of Carhoo Hill, in County Kerry, Ireland, over-looking Dingle harbour. Eask Tower was built in 1847 in order to guide the ships and boats into the mouth of the blind harbour. The wooden hand pointing from the Tower, guides the boats to their destination. It is crowned with the 19th century's mariners beacon and a World War II look out post. This is because the mouth of Dingle Harbour is a "blind" mouth, and this beacon told sailors to let their sails down, enabling them to lose speed and to round the harbour mouth safely. The Tower is of solid stone. The building of it on Carhoo hill, 600 feet above sea level, provided work during the Great Famine, at the instigation of Reverend Charles Gayer, Leader of the Protestants, in an attempt to win converts. A new hand was placed, roughly at the beginning of the extension.


Bus Terminal in or Near by

Bus station

15 Friary Downs
Killarney, Co. Kerry, Ireland

Ennis Bus and Train Station

Dingle, Ireland


Kerry Airport: For International and Domestic flights.

Railway Stations

Killarney Station

East Avenue
Killarney, Co. Kerry, Ireland

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