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Holiday Destination: Gateway of India

It's Located in South Mumbai city of India.

The Gateway of India is located in South Mumbai, in the state of Maharashtra, India. The Gateway of India is built with yellow basalt and concrete. The architecture of the Gateway is purely Indo Saracenic style. The gateway has also been referred to as the Taj Mahal of Mumbai, and is the city's top tourist attraction. In earlier times, the gateway was the monument that visitors arriving by boat would have first seen in Mumbai. The gateway has also been referred to as the Taj Mahal of Mumbai, and is the city's top tourist attraction. The arch of the gateway is about 26 meters the dome at the center is about 15 meters in diameter and 26 meters from the ground surface. The Indian government spent 21 lakh Rupees for the Gateways construction. The plan to build the Gateway of India started in the year 1911, and it was built to mark the trip to Mumbai by King George V and his wife Queen Mary. The gateway was designed by George Wittet , the construction of the Gateway began in the year 1915. Construction of the Gateway was extremely slow, where only a wall was built over four long years. In the year 1920 the foundations were finished and finally in the year 1924 the total construction was completed. Finally in 1924, December 4th British Viceroy opened the Gateway. The British people used the Gateway to receive their guests who visited Mumbai. In the present day, the Gateway of India is a crowded area and is the most visited place in Mumbai. People, especially from Mumbai, use this place as a hang out area.

Climate of South Mumbai City

Summer 33.3 °C (90.3 °F), Winter 19.4 °C (58.4 °F)

Tourist Season

October and March is the best month's for tourism visiting in South Mumbai.

General Information of South Mumbai City

  • Land Area: 233 sq mi (603 km2)
  • Population: Ten Million
  • Capital City: Maharashtra.
  • Language: English, Hindi and Marathi.


Bus Terminal

Bhandup Railway Station

Station Rd, Bhandup West
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


Jamshedji Tata Road, Churchgate
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport: For International and Domestic flights.

Railway Stations

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Charni Road

Maharshi Karve Road
Girgaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Harbour Railway Station - Dockyard Road

Dockyard Road East
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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