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Holiday Destination: Hagia Sophia

It's Located in Istanbul city of Turkey.

Hagia Sophia is the one of the most visited museums and most prominent monuments in the world in terms of art and the history of architecture. It has also been called “the Eighth wonder of the world” by East Roman Philon as far back as the 6th century. Hagia Sophia is a former Orthodox patriarchal basilica, later a mosque, and now a museum in Istanbul, Turkey. From the date of its dedication in 360 until 1453, it served as an Eastern Orthodox cathedral and seat of the Patriarchate of Constantinople. It was opened as a museum on 1 February 1935. The Church was dedicated to the Logos, the second person of the Holy Trinity, its dedication feast taking place on 25 December, the anniversary of the Birth of the incarnation of the Logos in Christ. Although it is sometimes referred to as Sancta Sophia, sophia is the phonetic spelling in Latin of the Greek word for wisdom the full name in Greek being "Shrine of the Holy Wisdom of God". Famous in particular for its massive dome, it is considered the epitome of Byzantine architecture and is said to have changed the history of architecture. It remained the world's largest cathedral for nearly a thousand years thereafter, until Seville Cathedral was completed in 1520. It was designed by the Greek scientists Isidore of Miletus, a physicist, and Anthemius of Tralles, a mathematician. The church contained a large collection of holy relics and featured, among other things, a 49 foot silver iconostasis. The focal point of the Eastern Orthodox Church for nearly one thousand years, the building witnessed the Excommunication of Patriarch Michael I Cerularius on the part of Pope Leo IX in 1054 , an act which is commonly considered the start of the Great Schism. In 1453, Constantinople was conquered by the Ottoman Turks under Sultan Mehmed II, who subsequently ordered the building converted into a mosque. The bells, altar, iconostasis, and sacrificial vessels were removed and many of the mosaics were plastered over.

Climate of Istanbul City

Summer 26.9 °C (80.4 °F), Winter 9.3 °C (48.7 °F)

Tourist Season

April to June and September to November Month's are best Month's visiting in Istanbul City.

General Information Of Istanbul City

  • Land Area: 2,063 sq mi (5,343 km2)
  • Population: 134 Lakh.
  • Capital City: Marmara.
  • Language: English and Turkish .


Bus Terminal

Bus Terminals

Harem/Istanbul, Turkey

Sirkeci Train Station

Sirkeci Meydanı
Kharavela Nagar
Sirkeci/Istanbul, Turkey


Atatürk International Airport: For International and Domestic flight's.

Railway Stations

Sirkeci Train Station

Sirkeci Meydanı
Kharavela Nagar
Sirkeci/Istanbul, Turkey

Haydarpasa Train Station

Kadiköy Iskelesi Karsisi
Haydarpaşa, Istanbul, Turkey

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