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Holiday Destination: Madurai

Madurai one of South India’s great temple towns and is the second largest city in the state of Tamilnadu. Madurai is synonymous with the celebrated Meenakshi Temple. Situated on the river Vaigai.the main attraction of Madurai is the Meenakshi temple dedicated to Lord Sundareshvara. Madurai has a rich cultural heritage passed on form the great Tamil era more than 2500 years old. This city is one of the pilgrimage centers of Hindu. Thousands of tourists from all across the world visit here throughout the year.


Summer is the very uncomfortable of Madurai May is the hottest months of the year. The summer maximum temperature is 26°C to 37°C. winter starts in Madurai December to February. Winter maximum temperature is 20°C to 29°C.

Tourist Season

February, May and October


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General Information Of Madurai

Area: 109 sq. km Population: 928,869 Languages: Tamil, Sourashtra, Urdu and English Temperature: 26°C to 37°C in summer 20°C to 29°C in winter  

Tourist Attraction in or Near by Madurai


Meenakshi Temple

Meenakshi Temple one of the major tourist attraction of Madurai. Meenakshi Temple situated at the centre of the town.



Vishnu Temple

Vishnu Temple situated at a distance from a Meenakshi Temple. Vishnu Temple is another major tourist attraction in Madurai.


Gandhi Museum

This is the most distinguished among the tourist attractions in Madurai and is a living memorial of Mahatma Gandhi. This museum houses photos, paintings, sculptures, manuscripts, quotations, and some articles that were used by Gandhi ji.


All the tourist can also visit Palamudhirsolai which is considered to be the abode of Lord Subramanya. There is a natural spring near this temple.



Road Distance From Madurai to (in kms))

Trichy to Madurai: 128 km Tanjore to Madurai: 201 km Chennai to Madurai: 444 km Ooty to Madurai: 325 km Pondicherry to Madurai: 324 km



Nearest Airport

Madurai has own Airport distance by 10 km away from the main city.



Nearest Railway Station

Madurai has own Railway Station and good rail network links with all major cities is South India.

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