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Holiday Destination: Whistler

Whistler in the southern Pacific Ranges of the Coast Mountains in the province of British Columbia, Canada, approximately 125 kilometres north of Vancouver. Incorporated as the Resort Municipality of Whistler, plus a larger but rotating transient, typically younger people from beyond BC, notably from Australia and Europe. Over two million people visit Whistler annually, primarily for alpine skiing and snowboarding and, in summer, mountain biking at Whistler Blackcomb. Its pedestrian village has won numerous design awards and Whistler has been voted among the top destinations in North America by major ski magazines since the mid 1990s. During the 2010 Winter Olympics, Whistler hosted most of the alpine, Nordic, luge, skeleton, and bobsled events, though freestyle skiing and all snowboarding events were hosted at Cypress Mountain near Vancouver. It is flanked by glaciated mountains on both sides; the Garibaldi Ranges on the side that contains the ski mountains, and a group of ranges with no collective name but which are part of the larger Pacific Ranges and are essentially fore ranges of the Pemberton Icefield. Although there are a few other routes through the maze of mountains between the basin of the Lillooet River just east, the Cheakamus Green divide is the lowest and most direct and naturally was the main trading route of the Squamish and Lil'wat First Nations long before the arrival of Europeans.


Summer 22.9 °C (73.2 °F), Winter (−24.1)°C (−11.4 °F)

Tourist Season

Winter is the best season for tourism.


Hotels and Apartments.

General Information Of Whistler

  • Land Area: 92.82 sq mi (240.40 km2)
  • Population: Nine Thousand.
  • Capital City: British Columbia.
  • Language: English.

Tourist Attraction in or Near by Whistler

Gondola Rides

The Gondola Rides is a traditional, flat bottomed Venetian rowing boat, well suited to the conditions of the Venetian lagoon. For centuries gondolas were the chief means of transportation and most common watercraft within Venice. In modern times the iconic boats still have a role in public transport in the city, serving as traghetti over the Grand Canal. They are also used in special regattas held amongst gondoliers. The gondola is propelled like punting, except an oar is used instead of a pole. Their primary role today, however, is to carry tourists on rides at fixed rates. Its windows could be closed with louvered shutters the original venetian blinds. After the elimination of the traditional felze possibly in response to tourists complaining that it blocked the view there survived for some decades a kind of vestigial summer awning, known as the tendalin these can be seen on gondolas as late as the mid 1950s, in the film Summertime. While in previous centuries gondolas could be many different colors, a sumptuary law of Venice required that gondolas should be painted black.

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is a sport which consists of riding bicycles off road, often over rough terrain, using specially adapted mountain bikes. The Mountain Biking has long been the main draw card of the Whistler area, and apart from the endless skiing opportunities in the winter months, the mountain provide plenty of further recreational activities, which come in the form of trails suitable for both hiking and mountain biking.Mountain bikes share similarities with other bikes, but incorporate features designed to enhance durability and performance in rough terrain. Mountain biking can generally be broken down into multiple categories cross country, trail riding, all mountain, downhill, freeride, dirt jumping and trials. The vast majority of mountain biking falls into the recreational XC, and Trail Riding categories. This individual sport requires endurance, core strength and balance, bike handling skills, and self reliance. XC type mountain biking generally requires a different range of skills and a higher level of fitness than other types of mountain biking.

Alta Lake State Park

Alta Lake State Park is a 181 acre camping park located in the mountainous northwest interior of the state of Washington, United States. The park and adjacent lake lie beneath towering stone cliffs, formed by glaciation, that rise 1000 feet above the valley floor, and carry on up to the top of Old Goat Mountain which sits 4200 ft above the park. The lake is about 2 miles long and (.5) miles wide. The park has 2 miles of hiking trails. Popular activities at the park are sailboarding and golf at the nearby Alta Lake Golf Course. Although quite small, this park is a very popular summer camping location. There is also a sizable number of houses along the golf course and lake that are either primary or vacation residences.

Water Rafting

Water Rafting is a challenging recreational outdoor activity using an inflatable raft to navigate a river or other bodies of water. This is usually done on white water or different degrees of rough water, in order to thrill and excite the raft passengers. The development of this activity as a leisure sport has become popular since the mid 1970s. It is considered an extreme sport, as it can be dangerous. Rafting tours last upwards of two and a half hours and depart from Water Rafting Base. Those embarking on a whitewater rafting expedition , down either the Elaho Squamish River or the Green River, will be kitted out with wetsuits, to ensure that you are fully waterproofed! Experience guides steer the boat from the back, pointing out glaciers and sights as you splash your way through the rapids.

Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping is an activity that involves jumping from a tall structure while connected to a large elastic cord. The tall structure is usually a fixed object, such as a building, bridge or crane but it is also possible to jump from a movable object, such as a hot air balloon or helicopter, that has the ability to hover above the ground. The thrill comes as much from the free falling as from the rebounds. When the person jumps, the cord stretches and the jumper flies upwards again as the cord recoils, and continues to oscillate up and down until all the energy is dissipated. Bungee jumping is currently only available at two sites within British Columbia, and in Whistler, Bungee jumping is available next to the Cheakamus Canyon, some 8 km to the south of the Function Junction, around 15 minutes drive from the main village resort.

Garibaldi Lake Trail

Garibaldi Lake is a turquoise coloured alpine lake in British Columbia, Canada, located 37 km north of Squamish and 19 km south of Whistler. The lake lies within Garibaldi Provincial Park, which features mountains, glaciers, trails, forests, flowers, meadows, waterfalls. The park is a wildlife protected area. The trails in the area are promoted as being among the most beautiful on earth. This lava dam is over 300 m in thickness and about 2 km wide where it impounds the lake. A series of lava outcrops along the northwestern shore of the lake form the numerous tiny Battleship Islands, several of which have been connected to the shore by simple man-made stone causeways.


Bus Terminal in or Near by

Eastbound Village Gate NS Gate Way

Village Gate Blvd Street
Whistler, BC, Canada

Northbound Northlands NS Main (Stop ID: 102462)

Northlands Blvd Street
Whistler, BC, Canada

Southbound 4340 block Blackcomb (Stop ID: 102461)

Blackcomb Way
Whistler, BC, Canada

eastbound Lorimer FS Marketplace (Stop ID: 102470)

Lorimer Road
Whistler, BC, Canada

Airports in or Near by

Vancouver International Airport: For international flights.

Railway Stations

West Coast Railway Heritage Park

39645 Government Road
Squamish, BC, Canada

Whistler railway station

Whistler, BC, Canada

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